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          Dr. Maria Luisa Vales at The Bonita Art of Aesthetic Dentistry specializes in beautifying smiles, maintaining your dental health, and helping you improve your appearance. Our experienced and friendly staff takes great pride in keeping your smile beautiful. Our promise to you is that the veneers, tooth colored fillings, crowns, and bridges we create will look as good or better than the teeth you were born with.  We use the highest quality and incredibly durable products to restore your teeth. You can trust your smile with us.

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 New Patient Forms

Existing Patient Forms

 Notice of Privacy Practices

 Dental Material Fact Sheet

Directions to the Office



Keeping it GREEN:

To expedite your appointment time with Dr. Vales, please fill out either the New Patient Forms (if we haven't met you yet), or the Existing Patient Forms (if you are a patient of record).  Please save a copy of our Notice Of Privacy Practices and the Dental Board of California's Dental Material Fact Sheet for your records.

After you fill out the forms, please send them to us by email.  You can do so by one of these two methods: 

1)  If you use Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora or Mail for your email, have the software open and minimized on your desktop.  Once the forms are filled out, click the Send to Dr. Vales button on the bottom of the last page and choose Desktop Email Application.  The form will attach to the email and our email address will populate in the To: line. Just click the send button.

2)  If you use Yahoo or Hotmail for your email, save the form to your desktop.  After completing the form, use the adobe toolbar 'Save' icon and name the form with your first name, then save on your Desktop.  Open your email account,  address the email to: [email protected]  Click on the attachment icon, go to your desktop and highlight your form, then attach on the lower right.  Once the form is attached, enter on the Subject line NP Form and click send.

When you come in to see Dr. Vales, we'll have the forms ready on our tablet computer for review and your signatures.  So keep it green and save a tree, don't print the forms on paper.

The forms are in pdf interactive format for use with PC's.  If you have a MAC computer, please come to the office 15 minutes prior to your appointment time, to fill out the forms in the office.

               We appreciate your time in taking care of this for us and look forward to seeing you soon.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.  Click this link for a free download:   Acrobat® Reader ® 



88 East Bonita Road, Suite F
Chula Vista, CA 91910
(619) 427-2646